Cachaça Caipirinha Copa-Copacabana

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I see you, Rio. Hosting these Olympics like a boss. With your Ipanema and your medals and your Copa-Copacabana (the hottest spot north of Havana) and such. And let’s not forget your Cachaça and Caipirinhas.


Cachaça is a Brazilian alcohol made from fermented and distilled fresh sugarcane juice and the hallmark ingredient in Brazil’s national drink, the Caipirinha. Caipirinhas are an intoxicating (figuratively and literally) mix of freshly muddled lime juice, sugar and Cachaça. I can picture Tony shaking caipirinhas up all night at Manilow’s Copacabana (where he always tended bar while Lola tried to be a star).

Caipirinhas are the tastiest blend of tart (because limes), sweet (because sugar) and STRONG (because 80 proof). So if you’re out here in these Olympic streets sipping a caipirinha, (or at home taking the action in from your couch), be easy because the buzz force is strong with this one.

I like to use sugar in the raw when I shake up a batch of caipirinhas but white sugar will work, too. Raw sugar has a larger grain so you’ll need to shake it for at least 30-45 seconds to dissolve it. Substitute rum – in a Caipirinhia emergency – if you don’t have cachaça on hand. Won’t be the same but it’ll still be tasty.

So get your hands on a bottle of Cachaça (it’s available in most liquor stores), cut some lime wedges and get to muddlin’ in some raw sugar and you can cheer on Team USA with a Brazilian flair. Because when  (pretending to be) in Rio, one must caipirinha.

Music and passion (and caipirinhas) were always in fashion…

Rinse your limes so they’re nice and clean and pat them dry before cutting them into wedges.

If you don’t have a proper muddler, use a wooden spoon to press the limes and sugar together.

Shake your caipirinha well, 30-45 seconds, to make sure the sugar is dissolved.


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Shaking, Pouring, Drinking!

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