Sesame Noodles. That is all.

So, I’m still on my Asian food kick and the cravings are strong for this one. Sesame Noodles. I could eat these all day long and you can, too, because they’re so easy to make. So easy and quick – did I mention this one’s super fast? – I don’t even have a lesson to share about them. You know how I’m here to clarify all your cooking questions? I got nothing for you on this one. Boil some pasta. Stir some sauce together. Just make these sesame noodles. (They’re also a great way to put a few of those Asian staples I told you to buy to delicious use.)

How do I know these are so good? My KID eats them and she’s got no time for anything not dipped in sugar. She looks just like her dad but she definitely got my sweet tooth. And she loves these noodles. She tried them first in NYC at an Au Bon Pain. We were scrambling around for lunch on our way to her first day of film camp and she grabbed a container of their sesame noodles. The rest, as they say, is history. She’s asked about those d@#n noodles ever since, so I made some for her. (She can thank me later…in her acceptance speech when she wins the Best Directing Oscar as a direct result of going to pricey film camp. Can we talk about how expensive parenting and adulting are? I’m spent. Literally.)

Anywho, I use cooked spaghetti noodles most of the time but udon noodles are tasty, too. I’ve kept it simple here but sautéed shrimp, chicken or veggies can easily bump this up into a simple, delicious and quick entree for those busy week nights when takeout just won’t do. One taste and you’ll be all, “I’d like to thank the Academy for these d@#n good sesame noodles.”


If you’re out of spaghetti, you can use rice noodles instead.

This dish will taste better the longer it sits in the sauce so make it a few hours before you’re ready to serve it.




Pot for boiling pasta

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Boiling Pasta


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