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Jam. Woah, Jam…Jam. Teddy Jam for me. That song, Teddy’s Jam by Guy, was my song back in the day. I guess you could say it was my jam. If you don’t remember the thrill of the New Jack Swing of the late ’80s-early ’90s, you have no idea what I’m talking about so let’s talk about the other jam or more specifically, Jam vs Jelly. Both are great on toast, so what’s the difference?

Jam vs Jelly

Jam, jelly, marmalade and preserves are all fruit-based spreads. What differentiates them is the part of the fruit you use to make them.

Jam is typically made by cooking fruit that’s chopped, crushed or puréed with sugar. It’s thick, though not as thick as jelly, and deliciously spreadable. Jam is just what you want to use in those Raspberry Almond Oat Bars up there.

Jelly is made by cooking fruit juice with sugar and sometimes pectin, which helps it thicken. Once it’s cooked, the jelly is strained to get rid of any solids left behind. There’s actually a thing called a muslin stockinette — yes, it’s a real thing — made specifically for straining jelly.

Preserves are fruit spreads made by cooking whole or large pieces of fruit with sugar. The large pieces give them their characteristic chunky texture.

Marmalade is basically preserves made with citrus fruit. The fruit is usually in large pieces or sliced.

Raspberry Almond Oat Bars

So, back to my Raspberry Almond Oat Bars. They are the real deal. Really easy to make. Really delicious. You won’t be able to stop at one but we can take comfort in the fact that there’s some fruit and heart-healthy oats in there, can’t we? Try these and I promise you’ll they’ll be your new favorite jam. Jam. Woah, Jam.

Keep the butter in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. Cold butter will give you a flaky crumb crust.

Use your favorite jam if raspberry’s not your thing.

Let bars cool completely before cutting them. They won’t hold together if you try to remove them from the pan while they’re still warm.

8-inch Square Baking dish

Food Processor

Small Bowl

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