Five Slow Cooker Food Safety Tips

Keeping your kitchen safe should be your top priority, especially when you’re using your slow cooker. Here are five tips to help keep your slow cooker meals safe.

Slow Cooker Food Safety Tips

1. Remove the slow cooker’s lid only when necessary to check food for doneness or to stir. Leaving the lid off for prolonged periods of time can allow the temperature to drop to levels that encourage bacteria growth.

2. Don’t reheat foods in the slow cooker. Safely reheat foods cooked in the slow cooker on the stove top or in the microwave.

3. If you lose power while cooking with a slow cooker, immediately cook the food on another cooking surface.

4. It’s safest to thaw frozen meats and poultry before adding them to the show.

5. If power goes out when you’re not at home, throw away any food in the slow cooker.

September is National Food Safety Month. Learn all you need to know to keep your food and kitchen safe!

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