Easter Brunch Recipes

How to Make Blender Hollandaise

Serve this blender hollandaise over grilled or roasted asparagus or with Crab Cakes on a bed of Asparagus & Red Bell Pepper Slaw for a Mother’s Day meal Mom won’t soon forget. Blender Hollandaise Sauce […]

Easter Brunch Recipes

Asparagus & Red Pepper Slaw

Our Mother’s Day menu continues with this slaw fashioned from paper-thin ribbons of fresh asparagus and red bell pepper. It makes a delicious bed for Crab Cakes with Hollandaise Sauce. Shaving the asparagus and bell […]

How to Boil an Egg

How To Boil an Egg

According to the American Egg Board (and who would know better, right?) boiled eggs should be called “hard cooked eggs” because boiling makes them tough, rubbery and can make the yolks turn green. For me, […]


Soufflés — A Love Story

My first experience with soufflés came during my very first hours working as an extern (code name for person who knows nothing and makes even less) in the kitchen of a now defunct French restaurant […]


Tips for Whipping Egg Whites

With Easter just days away, eggs – in one form or another – will likely grace your tables this week. If custards, soufflés or meringues are on your menu you’ll no doubt find yourself (or […]