How to Make a Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball

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Cheese balls may have had their heyday in the 70s but they’re still a delicious and easy appetizer you can make ahead for your next get together.

How to Make a Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball

Start your cheese ball with a shredded cheddar cheese with lots of flavor. You need a flavorful cheese to stand out after it’s blended with your other ingredients. Sharp or extra sharp cheddar are my favorites but you can easily substitute your favorite cheese to create your own twist on this retro favorite. I love a cream cheese base – you can use a low-fat cream cheese to cut some of the calories. If you really want to mix it up, stir in a creamy blue cheese for an added burst of flavor.

Once your cheeses – and any other flavoring you’d add – are well-mixed you can shape your cheeseball by wrapping it in plastic wrap. Use the wrap to shape your cheese into a ball or a log. Chill your cheese ball in the fridge and just before serving, unwrap your cheese ball and roll it in chopped bacon and pecans. Yes, your fantastical ball of cheese will be covered in crunchy bits of bacon and toasted pecans!

Serve your Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball with sliced bread or buttery crackers and you’re party-ready! (Check out these party recipes, too!)

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It’s worth repeating — choose a cheese with a big, bold flavor.

Use plastic wrap to wrap your cheese ball tightly and mold it into shape.

Let your cheese ball come to room temperature before serving so it’s at good spreading consistency.

Medium Bowl

Stand Mixer or Hand Mix


Plastic Wrap

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