Peel fresh ginger

How Ginger Lost its a-Peel

Peeling fresh ginger can be tricky. Its firm, yellow flesh, where all the flavor lives, is covered with a paper-thin, tan skin that should be removed before using. The trouble is its shape. It’s odd […]

Stock vs broth

Stock vs Broth

Note: This post must be read while mentally humming the theme song from Rocky. Today I’m treating you to a culinary clash of the cooking liquids. In one corner we have Stock, the heavyweight champion that […]



Tongs are tools every well-stocked kitchen should have. Much like your chef’s knife, you’ll use tongs so frequently they’ll quickly become an extension of your hand. Think of them as giant tweezers. They’re used to […]


Art of the Dredge

Dredge. Dredging…Sounds a little ominous, but when you see the term ‘dredge’ in a recipe, don’t fear. It simply refers to the process of lightly coating food, usually with flour, breadcrumbs, cornmeal or some other […]