Season to Taste

Season to TasteYou’ve no doubt seen the phrase “season to taste” in a recipe. It’s a shorthand way of saying season your food as you cook it, then taste to as you go to make sure you’ve got it right. I’ve watched cooks shepherd dishes from a mere scattering of raw, unrelated ingredients to dishes that, when tasted, suffer from unbalanced flavors, lack of seasoning or worse, no taste at all. The goal is to eat (and enjoy) your food, so lets make it taste good.

And how will you know it tastes good without tasting it? Tasting and seasoning your food as you go should fast become a regular part of your cooking routine. This doesn’t give you carte blanche to double dip with your tasting spoon or to dump loads of salt & pepper willy-nilly into everything.

If  you season and taste as you go, your food will taste better.

Season to Taste

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