How to Choose a Wine Glass

It’s Maryland Wine Week! If you’re in (or near) Maryland, look for a variety of wine events, dinners, restaurant specials and discounts on Maryland wines. You can get more information and a list of events and activities from the Maryland Wineries Association. There’s more to choosing a wine glass than you might think. The shape Hungry for more?

How to Flambé

Starting a fire in the kitchen is typically not a good thing, unless you’re trying to flambé. To flambé means adding liquor to a dish, then igniting it so that it flames in the pan. Dramatic flair aside, flambéing does have some culinary merit. Igniting the alcohol causes it to evaporate, leaving behind a Hungry for more?

French Onion Soup

This is one of the first things I learned to cook in culinary school. It’s a simple, rustic soup full of basic cooking techniques. You’ll practice knife skills by slicing the onions and perfect your caramelization as you brown them. There’s the nuances of deglazing, knowing when to do it and when it’s time Hungry for more?


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