Shrimp & Grits with Champagne Cream Sauce

Watch Chef Danielle share this and the rest of her New Year’s Eve champagne menu on Let’s Talk Live! Cheesy grits, plump shrimp drizzled with a creamy champagne vanilla sauce combine for a new twist on an old Southern favorite. Print Shrimp & Grits with Champagne Cream Sauce Yield: Serves four Ingredients For Shrimp: 2 Hungry for more?

Seasoned Flour

No, it’s not flour that’s been weathered and tested. Seasoned flour is simply regular flour with seasonings added. You’ve likely seen it as an ingredient in recipes where foods are first oated in flour, then fried or sauteed. The seasonings are incorporated to add extra flavor to the food. In its base form, salt Hungry for more?

Season to Taste

You’ve no doubt seen the phrase “season to taste” in a recipe. It’s a shorthand way of saying season your food as you cook it, then taste to as you go to make sure you’ve got it right. I’ve watched cooks shepherd dishes from a mere scattering of raw, unrelated ingredients to dishes that, when Hungry for more?


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