How to Keep Your Nonstick Pans Safe

Nonstick pans make life in the kitchen easier because they all but eliminate the worry of food sticking to the pan. Cooking with pans with nonstick coatings is perfectly safe, so long as you’re doing it properly. Follow these tips to protect your pans and your food. 1. Never heat nonstick pans to temperatures higher Hungry for more?

Technique Tip Sheets

Techniques are the building blocks of learning to cook confidently and my technique tip sheets will give you the guidance you need to master each one. From simple, straightforward instruction to helpful tips and links to recipes, you’ll be braising, poaching and sauteing in no time! Click the technique to download and get started! Braising Hungry for more?

Season and Taste

Tasting as you cook is arguably the most important part of cooking. Seriously, cooking without tasting would be like painting a picture without looking at it. I’ve watched cooks shepherd dishes from a mere scattering of raw and unrelated ingredients to plated works of art that, when tasted, suffer from unbalanced flavors, lack of seasoning Hungry for more?

Let it Rest

Tell me I’m not the only one who’s ever pulled a piece of meat or poultry out of the oven or off the grill, sliced into it and then wondered why my cutting board was covered in a pool of juices. You’ve been there, right? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t allow your meat Hungry for more?

Warm Caramel Apple Cider

Warm Caramel Apple Cider

Keep warm on chilly nights with this warm caramel apple cider. Skip the rum to make it kid-friendly. You’ll want to top this with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. Learn how to whip cream here.) Print Warm Caramel Apple Cider Ingredients Warm Caramel Apple Cider Makes 1 mug. 6 ounces apple cider 2 Hungry for more?

Get your Mise en Place on!

Mise en place

Mise en place (pronounced meez ahn plahs) is French for “everything in its place.” It refers to the art of gathering all the ingredients needed for a recipe and prepping them (veggies chopped, spices measured, etc.) before you start to cook. (Think TV chefs who often have everything they need in ramekins or small bowls.) Hungry for more?

Welcome to Cooking Clarified!

Cooking Clarified will open the kitchen door for wannabe cooks who don’t know a pot from a pan. A tasty mix of food know-how and how-to, Cooking Clarified will teach readers the A-B-C’s of cooking in 150 words — simple, straightforward, concise. We’ll share helpful cooking tips; identify common ingredients and kitchen utensils, explaining how Hungry for more?


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