Flour 101

All Purpose Flour-Bread Flour-Cake Flour

It’s important to stock your pantry with the right flour for the right job. Most recipes will specify what type of flour you should use, but just in case here’s a quick primer on three popular flours to make sure your cakes, cookies, breads and whatever else you’re baking turn out just right. Let’s start Hungry for more?



A slurry is a mixture of starch and liquid stirred together until the starch dissolves. They’re used to thicken soups, sauces and stews. Combining the starch with just enough liquid to form a thin paste makes it easier to incorporate the slurry without lumps. You can use water, stock or any liquid that will complement Hungry for more?

Art of the Dredge


Dredge…Dredging…Sounds a little ominous, but when you see the term ‘dredge’ in a recipe, don’t fear. It simply refers to the process of lightly coating food, usually with flour, breadcrumbs, cornmeal or some other such coating, before frying or sautéing. Dredging helps brown the food and creates a light crust on the outside. Put the Hungry for more?

Measuring Wet & Dry Ingredients

Measuring Wet & Dry Ingredients

Seasoned Flour

Seasoned Flour

No, it’s not flour that’s been weathered and tested. Seasoned flour is simply regular flour with seasonings added. You’ve likely seen it as an ingredient in recipes where foods are first oated in flour, then fried or sauteed. The seasonings are incorporated to add extra flavor to the food. In its base form, salt Hungry for more?

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