What is Chorizo? | Chorizo & Black Bean Stew

Chorizo black bean stew

Lookin’ at my Gucci it’s about that time…leaves and temperatures are dropping and my heart is breaking because FALL. I get it, four seasons, nothing lasts forever, snow is beautiful. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. All of that’s true but summer is my favorite and I want it all the time. Mother Nature is clearly not moved Hungry for more?

What is Sherry Vinegar? | Sherry Dijon Vinaigrette

Sherry vinegar

(singing~~Oh, Sherrie, our love holds on, holds on~~) Yes, those lyrics are from the chorus of Steve Perry’s 80’s ballad Oh, Sherrie or an excerpt from my love letter to sherry vinegar. Different spelling but the sentiment’s the same. Steve loved his Sherrie and I love mine, which just happens to come in a Hungry for more?

How to Make Bowie Steak Seasoning From Scratch

Steak seasoning from scratch

This steak seasoning is straight outta Bowie. Bowie, Maryland, that is. There’s none of that store bought Montreal Steak Seasoning in my kitchen. Well, yes, there is, but when I want something a little different I whisk up a batch of my Bowie Steak Seasoning from scratch, my personal blend of herbs and spices Hungry for more?

Low Country Boil vs Frogmore Stew

Low country boil vs Frogmore stew

I love a good party, especially the casual get togethers that don’t require a lot of fuss. As much as I ❤️ a fancy shindig, every now and again I want to throw a party that’s not really a party, just friends and family hanging out. Shoes off. Maximum chill on. But even the Hungry for more?

New Potatoes vs Potatoes | Chive & New Potato Salad

New potatoes vs potatoes

Potato, pot-aht-to, however you say it, spuds are spectacular! As great as they are it’s important to choose the right potato for the right recipe in order to get the right result. We’ve talked about the difference between waxy and mealy potatoes (You can check that out here.) and I’ve given you a primer Hungry for more?

Quinoa 101 | Quinoa, Kale & Apple Salad

Quinoa 101

Quinoa 101 – What is Quinoa? Quinoa is a wonderful thing…once you figure out how to pronounce it, so let’s start there. Keen-wah. Keen-wah. Now you try…Perfect! Quinoa is an ancient grain. Nope, despite the fact that quinoa is referred to as a whole grain, it’s actually a seed of a plant called goosefoot. Hungry for more?

How to Cook Edamame | Chipotle Lime Edamame & Cookbook News

Chipotle lime edamame

I know how to party. Seriously, when I’m not sharing tips, tools, techniques and recipes here, it’s my job. IRL I own a personal chef service and in the 12 years since I started I’ve helped hundreds of clients entertain at home and I’ve seen and cooked it all. A cocktail party paying homage Hungry for more?


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